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My name is Colby Reed, and I’m an audio engineer with a focus in sound design and composition.

I’ve been exploring the realm of sound for over a decade now, be it through recording, mixing, editing, or composing; during this time, I received a Bachelor’s degree in audio engineering in the Sound Recording Technology program at Texas State University.

Throughout my time of learning and gaining experience, I’ve come to understand the importance of the role that sound plays in telling a story. It can help you to better understand a character, or give weight to your actions. It can give you a sense of scale, or a sense of age. It can pull back the curtain, or completely mystify you. From the bellowing roars of colossal creatures that could move mountains, to the smallest, most insignificant twig snapping beneath one’s shoe; every detail matters, and I strive to present that in my work.

If you’re creating a world, I want to make it breathe.

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